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    Adaptation of ISTD Eye Witness brief
Adaption of ISTD Eye Witness brief for a university project. Brief was to create a typography project based on an eye witness account, complete to a level of a high quality proposal - not final solutions. For my eye witness account I chose to take a section of Joe Simpson's Touching The Void, specifically the initial thoughts and reaction of Joe after the first fall. My idea was to create a 3D type installation that mimicked the mountain environment with a low poly effect on the type, the rest of the text would then be printed on to these large scale 3D letters for people to read. This installation would be on a large scale (around human height) so that people would be able to climb over and sit on the text, almost using it as a meeting point. As a site specific project I chose to install my project in Park City, Utah, USA - where the Sundance Film Festival is held - this is a somewhat similar environment to where the story takes place, in the sense of it being a snowy mountaneous range, also this is where the film adaptation of the story was debuted.