These flyers would be hung up around local shops, libraries, schools, etc. Anywhere students and people of the community would be able to see it. I decided to pair Fox in the Snow with Charity Water to show that they support a great cause, and when customers come in to buy a cup of coffee they can also feel like they are helping and supporting. 
New apartments have been developing around Fox in the Snow. I came up with a deliverable that would be targeted towards people who are moving in and aren't familiar with the area. These door flyers would be put under doors advertising the cafe and giving out a free coffee on their first purchase.
Finally this app would be used in the cafe while you're enjoying your time drinking coffee, eating breakfast, or just catching up with friends. Fox in the Snow believes in getting back to making connections with people and not connecting to the Internet. They do not provide wifi in the cafe so you'll barely ever see anyone surfing the web, but you will be seeing people talking, laughing, and communicating with each other. 
Once you turn on the app and set you're phone down it starts counting how many minutes or hours you're off it in the cafe. While on this off mode it'll even tell anyone that calls or texts you that you're busy but you'll get back to them as soon as posible. After you're done chatting with new friends that you've made it'll take that time and turn it into points. These points can be turned in for rewards like a free pastry or coffee.