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    A couple of illustrations done in the past years. Some are for editorial purposes, some for Burn and one for fun.
editorial, promo materials, poster
These are some of the illustrations I've been working on for the past year. I've been trying to keep them within a certain style and I was lucky enough to get work from clients who appreciated it.
-editorial illustration-
done for Arte&Meserii magazine (Arts&Crafts) for an article made by a girl who thought winter was kind of like a metamorphosis. 
print mock-up
editorial illustration 
done for Arte&Meserii magazine (Arts&Crafts) again
The article was about entering a cinema, having a totally trippy and dark experince, which changes your very soul, until you reach your seat, K7, the moment when everything comes back to normal
print mock-up
-folding booklet illustration-
done for Burn 
The booklet had 2 sides, one with a continous illustration and another with chunks of text for every corresponding image.
The setting of each image was provided by the brief. The idea was that after you read the booklet you could keep the illustration if you liked it, hang it on a wall or something
detalil 1 - normal family moment, wife reads  husband drinks burn from a can
detail 2 - office work in energy mode
detail 3 - normal activities gone hyper and extreme sports gone more extreme
detail 4 - extreme jobs
detail 5 - partying even after you drop dead & nighttime stalking made easy
booklet mock-up
-Promotional poster-
done for Burn
Headline: ' Burn pushes extreme sports to the max at B'estFest'
B'estFest was a music festival where Burn had a place with ramps and stuff for skaters to show off
detail 1
detail 2
detail 3
an earlier version that didn't get accepted. They said it should be more realistic, but I was pretty fond of this version
-can and promotional orange-
done for Burn
They needed an illustration for when Burn tropical entered the market, this got accepted and was an element in the campaign
this wasn't actually commissioned, it was the result of an illustration battle between me and a friend of mine. The first catchphrase was 'cool shit', and we build up on that, leading somehow to this. Didn't get to do any sequels