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    A selection of some of my favourite work, Painted in Acrylics on wood panel and hand carved leather work.
'My Influences are the Bees that Sting me, the Midges that bite me and the Birds that sing so sweetly.
Below are a selection of Painting I have completed over that last two years. I love to Garden and most of my work is informed from this passion. I often plant more flowers and shrubs than is necessary, what survives the winters can regularly be taken by the Rabbits, Deer and Sheep. It is with great joy that some of my planting efforts take root and like Art , bloom. I shall continue to plough my furrow and hope the viewers of my work will  take pleasure in my endeavours.
'AEROBOMBUS'  Acrylics on wood panel  24' x 16' 
'LOVE DOVES'  Acrylics on wood panel   18' x 12'
'THE THINGS THAT HURT ME'   Acrylics on wood panel    15' x 15'
'6IX MAGPIES'  Acrylics on wood panel  54' x 37'
'FAT BEE'  Acrylics on wood panel with carved leather surround   10' x 10'
'FLIGHT'  Acrylics on wood panel  24' x 16'
'Cockroach City'
'Bullfinch Male & Female'
'I love my Garden but sometimes it gets me down'  16'' x 16''