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    A critical design around the commercialization of human organs.
Live Like A King
Vivace is a luxury brand that sells organs with an additional feature.

The name Vivace means lively in Italian.
With this product the consumer can continue his royale lifestyle. Because our organs are created in a laboratory, have an implanted chip which offers an additional feature and there's no waiting list distinguishes the concept from organ donation.

The additional feature controls the organ. By reading the chip, the consumer receives information about his new heart, for example. If it's time to change his Vivace-organ he will get a notification. He could buy a new one at Vivace so he can live like a king again, but only if he has enough money.

Vivace is a critical design around the commercialization of human organs.
This project is made by Stijn Boels, Roelie Bougie, Brecht Caenen, Brenda Coppejans, Kevin Fekkes, Luc van Kan and Lode Vochten
at Khlim, Media & Design Academie, Genk, Belgium. Vivace is a product of the project H(ello) E.T.! around Human Enhancement.

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