ISSUEStudy and interpretation of works of English graphic designer Vincent Frost.
OBJECTIVESMy goal was the design of a visual book that could communicate Frost's job and his project's style. The starting point was a common concept, developed at the stage of study.
RESULTSThe thought and style of the designer were communicated through a series of sentences expressed by himself during his career.Frost Words* is a book that collects a series of interpretations of phrases, aphorisms and thoughts of Vince Frost, designed by maintaining a certain affinity with the style of the British designer. I joined another volume at this book, that containe the projects of the Frost* Design Studio, divided into four different sections, depending on the style of project (black and white, striking typography, 3d types and innovative photography)."I love 3d types" is Frost's sentence that portrays the whole project. The peculiarity of this book, except to the chromatic dualism black-white, is its shape: the two books are two big F (by Frost), which fit one another, giving life to a single inseparable book, extremely tangible.