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    "Sluggy-P" - 4 inches resin art toy, self produced and hand colored, with hairy variant for estreme frost and frosting situations, 2011-2012.
Sluggy-P is a pigeon like any other one, but probably not so easy going. He doesn't like the chaotic life of the metropolis, also if he likes to live there. He desires a better life for everyone (and for himself, of course) with all the modern comforts and technologies, but without the excess and disorder of bad informations and without pollution. He loves colors, creativity and diversity, but can't stand confusion and intolerance.This stressful situation makes him very hungry and a bit depressed, and he takes comfort from the sweetness of donuts, like an edible colored lifebelt.

For situations of considerable frost and frosting (outdoor or in the kitchen), he evolved in a Sluggy P Superfrosted species: with a hairy surface that gives him the necessary protection from low temperatures and bad weather (also between persons), and also more adherence on its head to grab everything he needs.

The Sluggy P was created in limited edition (25 pieces) in 2011 and used for the movie "Tutti Giù" by Niccolò Castelli (ImagoFilm), for which we worked as art directors. Sluggy P Superfrosted was created in 2012 and the first series is limited at 50 pieces of the white Sluggy P with pink donut and 50 pieces of the white Sluggy P with blue donut.