While working on mobile app, we came up with nice style that could fit our other projects. We used the style of this app in other web-based apps even before we launched the actual iOS app itself. Other teams were working on Facebook notifications and on web based Card to Card Transactions service, so we adapted app’s design to these projects and launched all three of them in the same year. That’s why all of them can be presented on the same page: they show the same design approach to various online services back in the days.
My Credits iOS/Android app
1. Test the concept of standalone app that is targeted to special audience that have only loans or credit cards in our bank.
2. Create a mobile app/tool to help clients to concentrate on paying their debts regularly and make it faster so they can become our regular customers with regular accounts and maybe even savings.
Small standalone app with detailed information on user's loans and credit cards in Alfa-Bank with special features like scheduling reminders on upcoming payments and browsing graphs with debt's minimisation or growth because of delayed payments.
That is why we heavily worked on graphs (to visualise money flow, which was pretty hard to do on the tiny screen) and draw user's attention to alarm settings.
My Credits Icon
App icon's idea is based on alarm and percent signt on a dial (instead of arrows).
Pictures from the process
My Credits App Team
Product owner — Andrey Aleksahin
Project coordinator — Dmitry Uraev
Art-direction and iOS app design — Ivan Vasilev
Android version design adaptation by Aleksey Kuznetsov
External design consultant — Nikita Obukhov
App development — Unreal Mojo
Card to card transactions web-based service (v. 2)
To launch special web-based service for card-to-card transactions (for anyone having card issued by any russian bank). Design, code and implement the front-end side. Create adaptive webpage so that it can be easily useful from mobile devices.
Small service for quick money transfers. All you need to know is your friend’s card number so that you can transfer him some money (you need to have your card too). This page is adaptive, so it doesn’t matter if you loaded it from desktop browser of your smartphone, it will fit your screen in the right way. You can even add the icon on your homescreen on your mobile phone if you want to use this service often.
This is real-sized screen of actual app. Initial view. After all inputs are filled and agreement checkbox is checked, you’ll be redirected to Visa/Mastercard page, enter security code (3DS) and it’s done.
Red icon leading directly to app’s webpage. No actual native app installed, it is just a shortcut.
Screenshot of mobile version.
Card to Card Transactions Web Service Team
Art-Director: Ivan Vasilev
Designer: Roman Ryzhkov
Web developer: Anton Vinogradov
Project manager: Artem Vetugov
Bank notifications in Facebook
We decided to extend our SMS-alerting service and created simple Facebook web-based application. Users can enable these notifications in your online bank settings and receive them as messages in their Facebook account. Some users found it useful. Surely no notification goes public.
This application is integrated in Facebook, so you can find these notifications both in Facebook’s mobile app and while working on your desktop computer. We used the same style and approach as in projects mentioned above, that’s why I decided to add this small project to this page.
Bank notifications in Facebook Team
Art-Director, designer: Ivan Vasilev
Technical designer: Roman Ryzhkov
Web developer: Aleksey Bukin
Project manager, tech architect: Maxim Azrilyan