playing fields for little godlings.
I've been taking pan's for as long as I can remember, just not been trying to get them to look great. Over the past two years, I worked hard at doing just that. 

Several attempts at long painstaking hikes up hills got me a great shooting space. Patience waiting for just the right light and the following is what transpired. 

Hope you like the collection. 

The greater lake Nakuru in the Rift Valley region. Proved to be a brilliant shot, this was one of my first extended panorama projects which hadn't prioritized lighting though it seems to have turned out quite ok.
Lake Magadi working it's magic with the depth of views and hills in the beyond.
Late last year, I found a spectacular spot where to sit and just gaze in to the creek of Mombasa City. Here's what I see sometimes. 
The hills of Taita are a fantastic scene. Scapes extending for miles and miles with nothing but land and hills. It's extraordinary. 
Finally one of my true epic favourites, I have worked for hours to make sure I got the composition just right. 
The lake Magadi, a soda ash lake in Magadi.
Another favourite from the Athi River Area. The sky stood out so well, I couldn't resist stepping out of the car mid-way and taking that shot. 
Once again, this year, I ventured out to the Hills of the Taita, this time determined to make a mark. I finally got this spectacular view.
A second pan from the Taita Hills collection of 2012. This was very in-tune with what I'm aiming to get at.