Mixed 3d fun
imagination + free time
3d model of the shield i have been imagining for a while.
just a visual for my company ''Germaner Urun Tasarim''
Inside view of a guitar. Wanted to create a magical scene, where the creators of the music notes are inside of the guitar. someone also had a good comment on it, recommending this could be a cool night club.
open the door ! it's me, Mittens !
a 3d experimental scene with a dragon head. On this one i wanted to use metal and bone like materials to create an effect as if it was a sculpture.
 Invasion behind the scenes. I suppose it is inspired from Toy story the movie. All products coming alive in a world of their own.
 3d orc head. A fan of Lord of the rings series, inspired from the movie, tried to come up with an orc face, modeled in Sculptris from a plane. Couldn't split surfaces or add material details in 3d, rendered white, added colour in PS.
RAWR ! vector work