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I am an Austin based graphic designer working in the non-profit sector with collective experience working for clients in the New York City entertainment industry including music, Broadway theatre, and stand-up comedy. I also create brand identities for new companies developing logos, business cards, letterhead, website designs and promotional materials. I have created 3D exhibition concepts and have worked with teams producing retail window display designs in New York City.

My album covers, advertisements, and other work have appeared in: The New York Times, BBC Music Magazine, Oprah Magazine, and other publications. My work has also appeared on The Tonight Show, Late Show, The Late Late Show, and at the Venice Biennale
Verseau is an innovative immuno-therapy company based in Boston.  The name translates to "Aquarius" in French which is appropriate as the properties of water are imperative to their work. The logo I developed emphasizes a progressive motion using lower case script 'v's that simultaneously represent waves of water. The logo is also indicative of the aquarius icon. It represents strength, optimism, and transformation.
I have developed several projects with The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. This is a sampling of a biannual magazine for which I designed the cover, feature articles, ads, and the layout design for the regular features. (Spreads follow)

Trifold piece designed for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation to be featured at The American Society of Hematology (ASH), the world's largest professional society of clinicians and scientists working to conquer blood diseases.

Stellaria is a software application I conceptualized and then created. I hired and art directed musicians and a programmer to implement my design.

Stellaria © Paige Freeman Hoover, Patent Pending. All Rights Reserved. For more information please contact by email at
Stellaria in action

Stellaria © Paige Freeman Hoover, Patent Pending
Stellaria in action

Stellaria © Paige Freeman Hoover, Patent Pending
Stellaria e-card login

© Paige Freeman Hoover, Patent Pending
Stellaria's exhibition space featuring custom back-lighting and flatscreen to demonstrate astronomical program.
Stellaria in action
Personalized cd gift packaging for Stellaria
Magazine advertisement for the Stellaria application
Business card designed for Stellaria's thesis exhibition and a hand punched star card based on star patterns of the exhibition night for guests to take home.
Client: March of Dimes ®
I created printed and digital collateral for Texas's 2015 Signature Chefs season and localized these pieces per market. Left: Save the Date (print)  Right: Program cover (print)
Other pieces include powerpoint presentations, bidding cards, digital and print chef signs, table numbers, auction emails and social media memes.
Client: March of Dimes ®
Left: 2015 Signature Chefs folded invitation with envelope  Right: extended 3 panel invitation front and back.  I also cocreated the "Fund the Fight Against Prematurity" TX Sig Chef tagline before our National tagline changed to "A Fighting Chance for Every Baby". These messages coincided harmoniously.
Client: March of Dimes ®
This Lobby Day brochure was originally created in 2013 for use at the TX Capitol and has been updated subsequently each year. It features key advocacy issues for each season and a timeline of accomplishment highlights to be shared with our legislators and volunteers. This brochure was presented in March of Dimes National "Brand Camp" webinar. The piece was requested by other states for usage shortly after. (Gatefold brochure)
Client: March of Dimes ®
The Becoming a Mom/Comenzando Bien ® program addresses needs for prenatal education within a Spanish speaking community. This brochure was created for Texas use in 2012 and adapted for National use in 2015. 
Client: March of Dimes ®
A campaign for our partnership with Stripes Convenience Stores featured posters, tearcards/mobiles, buttons, selling cards, smartsheets, email blasts, and social media meme posts. This collateral has been subsequently used by other markets within Texas and in other states for campaigns including Jason's Deli, Luby's, Fuddruckers and Raising Canes.
Client: March of Dimes ®
Our Go Purple for Preemies campaign coincided with Prematurity Awareness Month to encourage our constituents to wear purple in public during the month of November. This campaign has been used from 2012-2015 rotating imagery and updating data per year. The logo system was adaptable to different shapes such as an exclamation point to emphasize the call to action. 
This project included: posters, flyers, stickers, table tents, packets, and social media memes.
Client: March of Dimes ®
I art directed a photo shoot with a food photographer to create a Save the Date and invitation highlighting March of Dimes's 75th anniversary. I secured a free cake from a local baker adapting our 75th logo into a specialized cake. The Save the Date and Invitation are celebratory and playful through their sequential physical artform.
The Save the Date was handcrafted by myself out of fondant.
Save the Date front and back
Client: March of Dimes ®
75th Anniversary Invitation front and back
This Texas March for Babies Family Team brochure was created out of a need for recruitment of local family teams. This brochure was adapted for local usage in each of 16 TX divisions.
Client: March of Dimes ®
This is a sampling of 4 ft tall banners created to highlight Texas family stories effected by prematurity, birth defects, and infant loss. The categories of March of Dimes's mission were color coded (blue, green, pink) and family story banners highlighted these aspects of our mission using corresponding colors. These banners are displayed at events all over Texas and are available in English and Spanish.
Client: March of Dimes ®
I created a social media meme to visually track our petition progress to light the White House purple for prematurity awareness. This meme attracted significant participation.
Client: March of Dimes ®
2015 infographic
I created the visual identity for the NYCLU Broadway Benefit Concert while working at SpotCo Theatrical Advertising Agency in New York City. Pieces included a postcard, poster, and program.
Creative Director: Gail Anderson
Mailer for Manhattan Theatre Club
SpotCo Theater Advertising Agency.
under Senior Designer: Bashan Aquart
I directed the photography and designed the cd packaging for Last Comic Standing's Myq Kaplan. The title typography was letterpress printed from woodtype and then scanned into the computer.

This cd packaging was featured on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien (, The Late Show with David Letterman, and the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.
My design was featured on the cover of Illywords Magazine. Another one of my designs was also chosen for a spread. This issue was featured at the Venice Biennale and later made available internationally in stores and cafes selling Illy Coffee.
While at Bridge Records, Inc. I created album art and cd packaging for Grammy Award-winning composers and performers.
Advertisement printed in BBC Music Magazine for Bridge Records, Inc.
I was asked to design an identity system and stationery for a new medical office in Memphis, TN. The logo speaks of femininity while projecting a professional, clean, welcoming sensibility.
I created the logo and stationery for Nomadic Crossings, Inc., a company which advises older organizations on the usage of three categories of technological adaptation. The logo and letterhead reflect this integration of old and new...
Website design proposal for Dr. Oz's featuring a lively and clean color palette and layout to reflect a fresh slate and new beginnings in health
Capoeira e beleza is a book I designed and illustrated celebrating the musical imagery in the songs used during capoeira, a musical Afro-Brazilian martial art. The illustrations are original woodcuts which accompany the lyrics from songs translated from Portuguese into English.
Capoeira e beleza ancillary products I designed and produced included a cd of capoeira music, boxed capoeira movement cards, and a tambourine (pandeiro)
Instructor: Milton Glaser
Improving the matchbox design on the left consisted of making the illustration and color palette less appealing to children while solving the problem of box orientation with type preventing the spilling of multiple matches.
Thread, a set of three handmade artistic books using non adhesive binding and letterpress
Designed with Benjamin Colar
Labyrinth, dual broadside piece featuring digital print and letterpress elements for type and stencil imagery
Nautica packaging redesign focused on a younger active audience target through usage of color and photography.
I assisted in the production and installation of this holiday window at Judith Leiber. I also worked on displays for Hermès and Tiffany & Co. while working at DesignFab.
Art Direction: DesignFab
The Master Series: Steven Heller
I assisted Kevin O'Callaghan with the design and production of book pedestals used to display Steven Heller's multiple book releases. The designs of the stacks enforce the concept of the multitude of published pieces in Mr. Heller's catalog.

coproduced with Josh Hester and Marc Rabinowitz
I assisted Kevin O'Callaghan with the layout design for Serious Fun: Real Issues at Play which featured individual toy booths in the schematic of a giant game board. Each booth featured toys designed to educate viewers on serious political and social issues.
This information chart tracks the specifics of three weeks of eating in Manhattan including eating patterns inside and outside of the home and theresulting weight losses and gains.
The subject of the poster represents conversation between student and instructor inventing new worlds. This poster features digital print and letterpress.
Designed with Joshua Huskisson
Spread from alphabetical children's book illustrated with collage
I made this After Effects music video using only Adobe Typefaces. I distressed the type using solvent transfer techniques to match the mood of the music.

Music: Cake Stickshifts & Safetybelts
Instructor: Stefan Sagmeister
Class: Can Design Touch the Heart?

My friend felt time was passing her by and that she wasn't successful because of her career and relationship status. I refaced a flipclock for her including photograph portraits to indicate the hour and phrases provided secretly by her friends indicated the minutes stating why they think she is a successful person. The only rule: the phrase must have nothing to do with career or significant other. We placed it in her apartment as a surprise.

She was very touched.
Instructor: Scott Stowell
I created a character to represent my classmate, Tamara, and her strategically energetic way of working. The label was later applied to a classic Nintendo cartridge accompanied by an instruction booklet as a gift.
Usables: Factory Farm Animals toy store environmental design for Serious Fun: Real Issues at Play Exhibition

The exhibit Serious Fun: Real Issues at Play featured toys and accompanying environments reflecting current adult social and political issues in the form of childrens' play things.
The Usables toy line featured interactive hand produced toys demonstrating factory farm practices. The Usables Barn toy store featured a working conveyor belt and a rotating fowl transporter in a hands-on store environment.

I designed and produced the store and the items.

Watch a short podcast video discussing this project. See the barn in active use as well as stuffed animal demonstrations here.
Usable's Barrier Cage Chicken features a detachable velcro beak and molt patch. Instructional tag explains stuffed animal functions for the user.
Designer & 3D Illustrator: Paige Freeman Hoover
Usable's Crated Veal Calf is a posable life-sized figure which can be bent, compacted, and stuffed into a small crate due to its wireframe and plush design. Instructional tag explains stuffed animal functions for the user.
Designer & 3D Illustrator: Paige Freeman Hoover
Usable's Sexing Chicks are squeezably soft. Each squeeze exposes the gender of the chick. Throw the males away! Instructional tag explains stuffed animal functions for the user.
Designer & 3D Illustrator: Paige Freeman Hoover
Usable's Foie Gras Duck functions as a backpack for storage on the go. Mouth and neck serve as point of entry. Instructional tag explains stuffed animal functions for the user.
Designer & 3D Illustrator: Paige Freeman Hoover

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