Coat of Arms design for Repo family
In Finnish mythology Repo stands for the Soul of a Fox.
The Legend
Fox runs over a frozen lake,
tail scraping sparks off the hard icy cover.
The sparks fly to the sky, creating Northen Lights.
Initial sketch for the Fox, respecting the rules of heraldry.
Heraldic Fox
My initial goal for this project was to create a heraldic coat of arms for a Finnish family,
even though that family does not have a history of great wars or riches.
Colored piece of the heraldric Fox. Authentic heraldry does not allow shadows as the image has to be seen clearly from great distances, thus limiting the color choises as well.
Mid-project Feedback
was eye-opening for modern needs and usages of heraldic images. The fox seemed too angry and wolf-like, so I returned to the drawing board. Foxes are seen as cunning canines and should hold an expression of determination and wit.
Finished piece
The Coat of Arms design can be presented with or without the helmet and its headpiece and coat. In authentic heraldry all "elaboraote clutter" is seen as unnecessary, but it does support the image of a wealthy and strong family.