Mixed product ideas
some sane some insane

I got given skullcandy headphones. Really cool brand. Wanted to come up with an idea, where the logo is a part of the sculpture. In the idea, the base also works as a light source when plugged in via usb or battery powered.
This was a mistake that came out to be a fun idea. I did this for a competition Kanto organised, however misunderstood that it was only skin designs and not product a bit too late. The idea was to visualise a mobile docking station for I Phone that is a freestanding sound machine.
 Analog and digital wrist watch concept 3d.
This layout was the first one i did. It shows same product from different angles to understand form.
Layout showing different finishes on product.
 Inspired from a Colt phyton, wanted to capture modern and classic lines in this revolver. It is named after the large famous dog breed called the Boerboel in South Africa.
Very old file. On the left 3d renders of the idea, on the right cut perspex pieces to see a working model. Wanted to give user  control of reflections and shadows on environment through changing the order of pieces.
Plastic injection molded  display for Nokia phones. This was done for South African markets and been manufactured.
3d visuals of isle end branding ideas for South African markets.
This product idea was done for Sun Mountain company. The 3rd wheel arm was their patented idea and i came up with a form+function presentation.
Lightbox branding idea for Peroni beers.
 Vacuum formed identity signage for Nedbank South Africa.
 This is an idea for an office chair. It is double sided and allows space for coffee or magazines.
A desk idea for myself.  Working space that allows for easy storage below working surface.
Used to be a computer gaming fan. This weapon was inspired from a pc game called Stalker. It has nothing to do with real life usage , only a fun 3d visual of a lightweight machine gun or as a toy.
 Pc games like The Witcher inspired me to come up with an idea on a magical rune sword with special powers. Tried to see a display in a hidden dungeon where you are supposed to find this item underground.
 Most of us played, respected and loved Fallout 3 pc game. So this one is my addon as a mini nuke. Insert the 3 round clip, rest on shoulder, focus target through scope and pull trigger. Wouldnt mind experiencing this in a game.
 Couple of speed modeling helmet options inspired from space helms.