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    examples of my sketches
traditional + digital

pencil sketch
pencil sketch + ps paint over

sketched in Ps, using line tool, creating all wire work then painting over.
Ps sketch of a sci fi drone.
pencil sketch + PS paint over done for a game design company in Canada. You can see the 3d version of this on other folder.
pencil sketch + PS of some sort of a protective armour
this was sketched after designing isle end displays for Black & Decker, idea was to sketch a standard safety tool for extreme environments
imaginary space ship that is inspired from a grasshopper
lord of the rings movie inspired me to do many creatures. this is PS only
pencil sketch + PS , control your rage. Inspired from Lord of the rings Uruk s, dedicated towards the easy anger mode individuals in traffic jams
another creature Ps sketch
the movie IT effected us all forever. once seen it cannot be unseen. it got into my dreams and reflected itself through a sketch. clowns..
pencil sketch of a sci fi soldier, probably inspired from mass effect.
pencil sketch of half organic half machine creature / vehicle
pencil sketch of a dual purpose, single seater vehicle
mixed sketch samples
pencil sketch + PS of a truck
quick sketch of a helicopter
fast pencil sketches on sci fi helmets
I was a fan of Thundercats as a kid.  Loved the idea and characters.  As an adult who enjoys Sci fi movies always wanted to see a proper Thundercats project. The cartoon was for kids and the conversations were dull.  This could be done at the level of quality as the Alien series.  Proper Sci fi good budget and horror gore elements in the movie. This is a pencil sketch of my Lion o version. Not a full catman nor a human.  This guy is somewhere between more mutant and a fearsome character. Almost at the level of the werewolves in the Underworld series.  In my version he is more a front line trooper that uses berserker skills than relying on technology. Imagine a kind of lion man that you wouldn't wish to have met. This dude has glowing aggressive eyes and the mass of Mr universe .the sword isn't hi tech either but it is an ancient enchanted relic. Closer to a cleaver than a longsword. 
a quick mouse sketch about ''disappointment''