Mixed transportation ideas
on & off world
This model was done for a tv commercial, however since it has changed completely, decided to render a page for my folio.
 Frontal close up on the truck.
Speed modeling file. Didnt get into details only tried to visualise the nose of the plane, which was inspired from the beak of an eagle.
 A night shot of my 3d helicopter Dragon Fly.
 3d views of the copter.
An imaginary cargo plane of the near future.
 This was inspired from Michael Di Tullo s sketches on Coroflot. I asked if i could create a 3d version of my own, with his permission to do so, i went ahead and did my own thing. This is the result.
Experimenting on presentations and scenes. Below are screen shots of the 3d model.
A scene where i tried to visualise the howerbike in action.
This is an older layout, to communicate the 3d form from multiple angles.
This was an idea for an electric bicycle, done for Seoul bicycle design competition. It won a complementary award and got printed in the booklet.
 My efforts to come up with a classic cafe racer idea.
I used to own a KLR 650 and a Yamaha 660. Inspired from those, did a 3d idea for a dual sport bike. No engine modeled.
a PS paint over on a plane image.
 Inspired from WW2 planes, came up with a 3d model and visuals.
A layout that shows the final moments of a pilot. mayday mayday !!
The glory shot. Trying to capture the elegant beauty of older planes.
 A PS sketch of a sci fi craft.
One of the first layouts done for copter 3d Dragon Fly.
Wanted to visualise the copter in a game environment with troops protecting it.
Another layout for the helicopter 3d. Experimenting with lights and mood on this one.
The Capsule was an idea of mine, trying to mix the functionality of a dual sport motorcycle, and a small car, that uses battery power and solar chargers on roof panels. Exterior mirrors are swopped with rear cameras and lcd screens inside of the car showing driver rear view. The luggage is removable, in order to offer functionality as a desk or seat in camping areas.

In the middle of the steering wheel, is a touch screen unit, that offers multiple functionality as vehicle clocks, internet pages, telephone  or camera views just like todays touch screen PDA s..

This was published in many internet sites, Japanese and Spanish design mags, got good and bad critics. I am no transportation engineer, but i believe the idea got attention.

 A layout where i visualised the vehicle in downhill offroad action.
A sundowner scene at camping area. the changes on the body were 2d done in PS not in actual 3d model.
More Ps work on body. Wanted to convert towards a more sci fi feel on this one.
Pc rally game screen shot scene.  As if it were in a pc game, pause, take screen shot, carry on..
Layout showing conceptual functionality of the parts.
Interior details, and explanation of touch screen driver PDA.
 Speed modeling 3d file of  a single seater vehicle, inspired from a shoe.
Speed modeling armoured vehicle idea, details added in PS after low quality 3d render.
Seagull. An early 3d idea of mine for a small boat.
Speed modeling idea to explore form on a jet ski .
Not sure what this is. Probably an effort to come up with a low rider cart. Not mad about it anymore, showing it rather to display manual blur effect efforts in PS.