Artificial Intelligence
Mixed 3d concept art

This layout is inspired from todays security madness. Airport scanners, internet watch.. So assuming control gets tighter, in the future we will see half organic half mechanic law enforcers, asking for your id It is a re render of my I Bot  3d model.
This robot was 3d modeled looking at a sketch sent to me from Ironbelly Studios who focus on creating computer games. This was converted to low poly and used in their game.
One of my 3d robots rendered into a layout where he is questioning his qualities and potential evolution in his limiting existance.
Layouts showing the build up of the 3d model.
Wanted to capture a secret lab entrance and its guardians using my 3d robot.
Ps work on a basic 3d head form. Always enjoy working on sci fi stuff because it has no limits.
a 3d sculpture done in Sculptris to get familiar with software. Couldnt edit after export, therefore did screen shots of model below and a rendered photoshopped frame on top.