Cinaforum is a news platform about China, edited by a team of sinologists, journalists and researchers, which carry on an in-depth analysis of the economy, the international relationships and the society of this country. 

The logo concept is born from three images: the art of Chinese calligraphy, expressed trough the chinese characters, which mean ‘cinaforum’; the concept of forum, as discussion board thanks to the platform, expressed trough the speech baloon; the Chinese faded communism, espressed trough a faded red, which is the main colour.

After just over one year after the birth of the web platform, the need for an upgrade is clear.

The new website is designed with the journalists, which now better know their needs and their readers, which have been helping a lot with a huge amount of valuable feedback.

The new look presents a clearer and more elegant interaction between images and text. 
The design of the front pages consists of flexible groupings of content.

The new article design provides a clear and accessible reading experience with fewer distractions. Different styles of writing now have unique formats and colour palettes.
Within each article, the editors have new ways of recommending related material to the readers so that they can more easily find the most pertinent analysis or opinion piece that refers to a news report or vice versa.

The readers are closer to the journalists through enhanced ways to share and comment.

The new responsive site presents news to mobile devices in a clean, flexible forma.
Key to this is a new responsive modular grid system.

Design: Valeria Granillo
Web Development: Daniele Piccone