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    Collection of photographs I took while being on a trip in South Korea.
This year, I've been to Korea for a few weeks. And it was a blast! I had a lot of new experiences, made new friends, tried new things and maybe most importantly for this: I made some photographs I'd like to share! Over the course of these few months I've been uploading photographs to my personal portfolio, and there have been some here in Behance as part of an exhibition, but I haven't released everything from that trip in one project yet, so I'd like to do that here.
I've mainly been to three areas. I arrived in Seoul and stayed there for a few days. Then I took the train to Busan and stayed there for a week. Afterwards I took the plane from Busan to Jeju (Island) and also stayed there for a week, and to close off my trip I returned to Seoul by plane and remained there for a few days as well. I've done a lot, but I mainly enjoyed hiking the mountains or just enjoying nature. Without further ado, here are the results.
For more background information on each picture, please visit my portfolio!
Passing clouds
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