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Magasinet KBH is an independent magazine about the city of Copenhagen, with a particular eye on the architecture and the urban development. 
Magazines KBH was published as a printed magazine from 2005 to 2010. 
The magazine won several national awards and it was exhibited internationally - from Spain and Germany to the UK and Japan. 
The printed publication was suspended in 2010 and now it is published only as online magazine. 
The new website has been conceived to give the readers a better way of discovering, engaging with, and sharing the stories.
The act of reading or viewing the magazine is now more pleasurable regardless of the size of screen being used.
Each homepage and each article page is made up of various flexible boxes. 
A new colour palette and tonal treatments indicate specific types of journalism. These colours and treatments follow from the front page to the article.
Many new design features have been included in the redesign: from new gallery pages, new-look live news, to a new typeface and a new iconography.
The navigation bar at the top and bottom is now consistent across the site, making it easier to learn and find the magazine’s different sections.
The work focuses also around the layout of articles, the impact of additional content around the text, and of course the typography and the text size.
Design (Assistant): Valeria Granillo