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    This was a web mock-up and design for a creative agency in Downtown Manhattan called BMO Creative
BMO Creative Web Design
This was a Web Design I did for a creative agency downtown, BMO Creative.  The home page features a large display of their work which changes every 3 seconds or so to a new random project they worked on.  It will link to that project if clicked.  "THE Work" page has 2 categories, "By Project" and "By Client".  I've shown the hover over "By Project."  When "By Project" is clicked it will take you to a page with large thumbnails representing each category of work the agency does, such as "Photo," which will then lead you to a portfolio of all the photography work they have done.  Each category of the type of work being displayed, in this case photography, is separated by horizontally scrolling mini-folios like beauty and consumer products.  The black bar containing their name is the scroll bar.  When clicking "By Client" the website will bring you to another horizontally scrolling page with all the names and logos of clients.  Once a name is clicked on it will open the assignments the agency did for them right next to the logo. The work will close by clicking the logo again.  The team page works in a similar way, having sleek vector illustrations of each member of the company scroll past horizontally by clicking on the person (much like how choosing an album in itunes works).  Once chosen their name, title, and bio come up underneath them.  "THE Vision" page is a unique page with a new quote on it from someone else in the company about what they believe BMO is each time you go to it.  And of course the video page will scroll horizontally as the other with all videos and commercials they've produced embedded in the website.