This idea is highly inspired by the documentary "Ice and the sky", which tells the story of the French antarctic ice explorers in the 1950s and their pioneering research into climate science.
I see myself in the antarctic explorer, trying to find new ground and new possibilities.

Snow, ice and the brightly orange vehicles and clothes were essential to create the look I wanted. My Norwegian heritage associate me to the antarctic, with explorers like Roald Amundsen. Norway claims approximately 19 percent of the land, naming its share Queen Maud Land.

The geometric data is collected from Norwegian sites far north in the country, and helped create the fictional place located on the JHåland logo.

Music: Moderat - Last Time

Intro breakdown that shows different shots form the production form outtakes, mistakes, weird stuff, behind the scene to finished frames.
There are many steps to arrive at a quality I'm pleased with, form idea, styleframes, previz, animatic to beauty pass.
Through the reel intro I also wanted to learn Arnold Render, and understand different ways it could be used.

Music: Moderat - Last Time (Jon Hopkins Remix)

To create the intro I did a lot of research finding esthetics i could use in the intro.