Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Web and mobile app design
Client: Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
When: June 2010
Role: Art Director.
About: Web design and concept for mobile app.

This was a quick project with a deadline of two days.
The brief was to design Zlatan Ibrahimovic's website which should include a business model.
I came up with a mobile app that helps you train to become the next Zlatan by trying to beat goals set up for you by Zlatan himself.
The contents to the site is mostly aggregated from other news sites and such and can be completely customizable by the user so that you can get the latest info on Zlatan the way you want it.
Landing page with overview. Zlatan's home arena, full screen, in the background.
Information page. This page can be customized by the user. Add or delete modules yourself. A large selection of feeds to choose from. (a lot of them are user generated)
Fan page. Here Zlatan's fans can interact.
The mobile app "Be Zlatan Ibrahimovic" where Zlatan helps you train and practice to become the greatest football player ever.