Clients sometimes have... crazy ideas.
In order to celebrate the awakening of the force, French winemakers Lynch Bages wanted a visual for their social medias.
Château Lynch -Bages is owned by the Cazes family since generations.
The importance of filiation has always been strong in the family, which explains why the last generation are fans of Star Wars.
Our main challenge was to create a visual that blend these two entities : a space opera franchise and and elegant and luxurious brand.
Without, of course, being cheesy.
We thought about re-purposing the corks in order to creating a storm troopers army, with their most iconic wine - Château Lynch Bages - posing as Dark Vador.
Roughs are still a good way to suggest creative ideas to clients.
They prevent wasting time on the execution of an image explaing the concept, that may not be validated.
3D Modelisation
Panoramic view
Team EST x Star Wars