Tellme print collateral templates
Marketing collateral publishing infrastructure
After being acquired by Microsoft, the Tellme sales strategy needed to scale from pursuing a small number of large opportunities to enabling a larger field of Microsoft and partner sales teams to bring Tellme services to more companies. The new sales model needed marketing support in order to educate prospects on Tellme offerings and to respond more quickly to customer inquiries on specific topics.

I determined that the extensive bill of materials would need to be produced in a manner that would give the marketing team total control of the content, and be flexible enough to allow us to make quick updates to the collateral as new features were released or new information became available.

We requested that the resulting system be delivered as Microsoft Word templates so that anyone on the marketing team would be able to produce and maintain the accuracy of collateral without special skills in Adobe products.  Once the content was finalized in Word, I established a workflow of publishing to PDF with a consistent file naming convention, and established an intranet site for the field to download collateral on demand.

The system was so well-designed, we retained the structure and key elements of the template when we evolved to the next generation of product identity as Microsoft Tellme.
System overview: Templates for case studies, data sheets, and white papers
The templates all feature a three-column structure. Content can span one, two, or three columns.
We designed the system to accommodate content with various restrictions and assets. For situations where we did not have permission to display a customer logo, we provided a library of iconic industry graphics and Tellme icons that supported key messages.
The next generation of collateral system created for the new Microsoft Tellme visual identity continued to leverage the core aspects of the original collateral template structure and workflow.

Design of original Tellme template: SALT branding
Design of new Microsoft Tellme template: Allison Levenson