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    project for Design Studio 3, 2015

We rebranded the RISD Writing Center as the RISD Communication Center (RISD CC) in order to:

1. Promote the public speaking and visual communication resources that are currently underutilized. Additionally, to inform foreign speakers of available resources that target their speaking problems.

2. Expand the speaking resources to address the problems of non-native speakers and prepare them to face the realistic reaction of speaking broken English to native speakers, without giving them false encouragement.
Postcard Series
The redesigned website clarifies the purpose and functions of the Communication Center. Tutorials, hand-outs and latest events for the three branches (speaking, writing, and visual communication) can be found on the site. The link to schedule an appointment is clearly visible on the home page, unlike the original website.

Event and Poster Series
The poster series is aimed at international students, and is thus written in several languages.
It promotes the International Orientation lecture which will introduce students to language-based resources on campus.




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