EPIC Aviation 2012 Trade Show Promotional Materials
EPIC Aviation attended Schedulers & Dispatchers 2012, a business and general aviation trade show. I designed the game card and stamps for the event. EPIC Aviation chose a jungle theme for this trade show and handed out monkey slippers with each completed game card.

Not only was I responsible for the design of these elements, I was also the project manager. I worked directly with the vendors to receive quotes, submit artwork, and purchase the final pieces.
The game card was designed for durability and ease of use while carrying trade show paraphernalia.

Attendees to the trade show were given a game card at the Air BP booth. They then visited four Air BP FBOs and filled out information about themselves (regarding contact information, job type, and current, if any, connection to Air BP programs). Once appropriately stamped, the attendees returned the completed game card for a pair of monkey slippers.
 I created monkey head stamps for EPIC Aviation's brand new EPIC Card (credit card) as well as for each FBO (denoted by their IATA code) to be stamped on the game cards.

These stamps were .75 inch round, custom-made, self-inking stamps purchased through Stamp-connection.com. I chose one of the available colors based on the FBOs' identity colors.