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    Plantain Stencil
Plantain Stencil is based on Plantain which in turn is my interpretation of Plantin Adweight, which was one of my first commissioned projects (by Smarter Image, long before they went bankrupt). Plantin Adweight is one of the most beautiful designs of the Plantin family, which is a modern revival typeface, cut under the direction of F. H. Pierpont in 1913, who based the design on that of a famous 16th century printer, Christopher Plantin, for whom Pierpont's font was named. The stencil cut of Plantain adds a bit of sparkle to the design. Supports most European languages that use the Latin alphabet.

Available directly from CastleType: http://castletype.com/html/tipoteca/plantain-stencil.html

For some background information on this design, you might want to read: http://castletype.posterous.com/work-in-progress-stencil-fonts