1/2 Scale Resin Portrait: Sigourney Weaver
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    Resin 1/2 scale portrait of Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley from Aliens
1/2 Scale Portrait: Sigourney Weaver
As Ellen Ripley from the film Aliens
This is the inspiration behind my current full scale WIP. 

Theres a small story behind this involving a lot of bad luck, and the entire line up of the Swedish pop group ABBA! Explains itself really but heres a couple more details incase you haven't quite filled in all of the gaps.

About 4 years ago I was approached by a Swedish company to create silicone portraits of all 4 members of ABBA for the official ABBA museum which was to be opened the following year in Stockholm. There was massive hype around the group because of the whole Mamma Mia thing, and it was all green lit. Even the band members were on board. Then, a couple of weeks into the research period the organisers suddenly decided that they wanted to see proof that I could sculpt a female, as up until then my port folio consisted of entirely male portraits. So I accepted the challenge, and knocked this sculpt up in about 10 days for them to see. Weeks went by without a go ahead, and it turned out in the end that they were stalling because the foundations of the building they had purchased for the museum had since been deemed unfit for purpose. The whole thing went under and tens of contractors lost hundreds of thousands of pounds. The ABBA museum is now a travelling museum under new management, sadly without any need for four full scale figures..