"Poor Rich City" was a social awarness campaign tailored for Business News magazine, one of our clients. The july issue of this magazine included a cover story about the difference between the poverty of the citizens from Oradea and the richness of the city.
Our main goal was to design the cover for this project and to involve the readers of the magazine in talking about this subject.
So how do you do that, how do you design a cover for a story about poverty? Well, you don't. Or, better said, not in the usual way. 
Our idea was to draw attention of the public and launch an interactive campaign to wich the readers can relate. 
First, we printed blank, all white cover for, the entire issue of the magazine, 1000 pieces. We decorated, by hand, every single piece of the magazine only with the title of the cover story "Poor Rich City" (Saracul oras bogat), in hungarian and romanian. We ended up having a magazine with 1000 unique hand-drawn covers. We were "too poor to afford a graphic designer".
After that, we launched a campaign, inviting readers to express themselves by sending us photographs related to the subject of the cover story. The winning photo was placed on the cover of the following issue of Business News Magazine.
First, we printed blank, all white cover for, the entire issue of the magazine, 1000 pieces. 
Only white covers, waiting to be decorated.
We started working...writting, by hand,1000 times, "Poor Rich City"
As fast as we could...
And we wrote some more...over and over again...
It wasn't an easy job so we called in "the cavalry"
The result...
...started to show up
first, just a fews of them
and, after a while, a whole bunch of them started to pile up...
1000 unique covers for Business News Magazine
in Romanian and Hungarian
We launched the campaign: "How good/strong are you in pixels"? Send us your photo, related to the subject, and be on the cover of our next magazine issue.
...and we started receiving photographs
about poverty
and optimism
we saw how citiziens felt about this subject
and, finally, we found our next cover: this picture of a central street of our town, partially renovated. Our readers voted this picture as the best.
Making of "Poor Rich City" - cover design

Making of "Poor Rich City" - cover design

Editorial cover design for Business News Magazine Social awarness campaign.
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