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    McMaster University over spring break 2009 while completing an MBA and living on campus for personal safety. Snapshots have been converted to bla… Read More
    McMaster University over spring break 2009 while completing an MBA and living on campus for personal safety. Snapshots have been converted to black and white and resized for upload. Read Less
MBA 2009 Spring Break on Campus
McMaster University
In January 2009 I made a decision to return to McMaster to complete my MBA after taking time away for being stalked. I was given permission to move into a dorm given my situation and had lots of assignments to work on over the break so decided to stay on campus. Eerily one day I went for a walk in the late afternoon to get dinner and the campus was completely empty. I had a camera in my bag and decided to start taking pictures. It was so creepy I honestly felt the need to take pictures as I walked. Disturbingly two photographs of the same window revealed streaks of white light on my digital prints. I've converted them to black and white, they were posted online in 2009, but unfortunately I was unable to use the internet from March 2009 to September 2011. I consider this to be my photojournalist account of that afternoon.
Near the end of March 2009 while I was in Toronto for an appointment I was approached by two police detectives who put me into police custody for 3 nights then I was told I was not to return to McMaster to live in my dorm and have not returned to the university since other than to remove my belongings, visit a friend, and handle some outstanding paperwork. I will not ever return to McMaster University.
I chose to pursue an MBA at McMaster because my family was long connected to the university. My parents met at McMaster and are both alumni, my father went to what is now DeGroote. In addition to other relatives who attended, my late-grandfather, Rev Dr Roy Cook, a Baptist Preacher, had 3 degrees from McMaster including an honorary doctorate of Divinity and sat on the university senate while president of the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec while my mother was a student.
NOTE: Although I attended McMaster University and was proud to affiliate up to when I was assaulted and stalked, I refuse to affilate with a university that promotes the reputations of men investigated for sex crimes or a university that refuses to educate young men on the definitions of sexual assault. In 2010 I asked DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University to have a 10 to 15 minute speaker in orientation week lecture students on sexual assault because cleary many of the men in business school do not know what it is, I even contacted the hospital on campus and someone from the rape centre was excited to be involved and the campus counceling services were excited by the idea, but the MBA administrators told me it was not something they were willing to do. I already spoke with the president of the graduate student union and they were willing to fund the speaker so it had nothing to do with money and everything to do with a lack of respect for the dignity of young women.