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    Cruz Racing
Cruz Racing Bicycle Product Line
In this project I was contacted by a friend of a friend at the City of Long Beach. I had done some designs and branding for the City Bike Festival and he wanted to continue to work with me. Partnering up with Tony Cruz, ex teammate of seven time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong he had multiple projects on the horizon.

His first task at hand was a big one and it was a rushed project from the first time we sat down to get started. Tony always wanted to have a bicycle line of his own, one that was labeled under his families name Cruz. So little by little I started to come up with concepts for the brand, we needed two. One as the logo alone and one that will be for the head badge for the actual bikes. What you see below are two of the head badges that were used in the designs.
Along with the branding for his bikes, I needed to come up with a layout and color scheme for the frames as well as logo placement. At this point I started to realize the difference in working on print work vs. 3D designs on a large scale. With less than three months to get the design of the frames fully laid out on the computer and sending them off to a factory in Japan for paint and shipped back to us for the product launch party. I dove right in and got the job done.
Literally the night before the show the bikes arrived at his doorstep. These are some of the photos that were taken at the product launch party in Los Angeles. The launch consisted of four high quality carbon fiber frames all with different color schemes, two aluminum frames that were hand painted by a motorcycle pin striper and family friend of Tony, and multiple wheel layouts branded as Phoenix Wheels, a branch off company from the frame engineer Shane Fedon.
This was all around a great experience and a great way to dip my hands into something that I am passionate about outside of design. Still working with Tony Cruz there is always new concepts knocking on his door. Next in store for the Cruz Brand is a line of Sport Nutrition Energy Bars, similar to Powerbar.