Go To Springs
Creative hacking of technology
Client: Hyper Island School Project.
When: Oct 2009
Role: Creative Director.
About: Five people, a Wii-Remote, SEK 500 and one simple brief; Build whatever you want.

During a 3 week module at Hyper Island, we created a tribute to the american artist Jackson Pollock, called Go To Springs.

The project was shown at an exhibit in Stockholm, along with 22 other installations, and Go To Springs was one of the five that got to go to London and have an exhibit with the advertising agency with Wieden+Kennedy
Introduction to the project
This is what it looked like at the exhibit.
A podium was built to create a physical space that was Jackson Pollock's studio, if only for a day..
This is what a finished piece could look like.
All the latest pieces that were created by visitors were automatically uploaded to our website.
The website also featured a blog where we could update everyone on the latest news.
Of course the visitors could share their pieces with their friends on facebook.
And here's a bit of video from the exhibit in Stockholm.