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    children's playground

This children’s playground takes up about 9025m². A distinct feature of this playground is that it is split up into several different sections that have a different concept – the playground equipment section, the sandbox section, the swimming pool section, the slide and playground climbing nets section, the intellectual games and creativity section and the chillout section.

This delimitation by sections is meant to split the active and passive games, so that these two will not interfere with each other, as well as to exclude any accidents that might happen. At the same time, the fact that each section differs radically is what makes the playground the perfect place for various occupations, multilateral development of each child and excludes monotony and boredom.

The intellectual and creativity games section is a section that is believed to be the most passive and it is meant to highlight intellectual and creativity games for children that would be suitable for a playground. This includes chess, letter boxes in order to create word puzzles, different geometrical shapes that would contribute to the development of intelligence and creativity. This section is also meant to teach the children colors, numbers, the name and order of months, seasons and all of this will be possible on a single playground. One interesting feature of this special section is the fact that parents will also be able to play different mind games with their children and this is believed to bring the two generations closer.

To sum up, this section of the playground is perfect to collect intellectual and creative skills, being adaptive at the same time to the children’s rhythm of gathering information and learning to be creative since childhood.

The swimming pool section is the central element of the playground. This section takes the shape of a big water drop, but what attracts most of all about it is the underground tunnel that takes us to a gigantic aquarium. The tunnel and the aquarium create the illusion of an underground world that would let us explore things that you cannot see on the surface.

The chillout section is close to the swimming pool and it is meant to host children as well as their parents, where they can watch over their kids. This section is a big amphitheater with a lot of chairs that offers an overall view of all the playground area.
The slide and climbing nets section is apart of the playground that is the most active of all the other sections. This area is split up into two main parts – the slide area and the climbing nets area that is supported by elastic cables situated on three main pillars. The nets flow down and are held by a hard surface that reminds us a big bowl. The climbing is possible only in the middle of the hard surface, between the three big bowls so that it is safer to climb up. In the center of each climbing net there are hanging balls that can be used while climbing or just for dangling. All of these elements create an interesting and visually enriched area, and attract the eye due to their dynamicity.
The playground equipment section is the most active zone and one can see there the most popular elements from a playground: slides, carrousels, hanging nets, swings, but all of these remind a more modern and stylish area, not forgetting about comfort and safety.

This design concept is suitable for big playgrounds and lets the imagination flow when coming up with the design of all the elements from the playground. The delimitation of the playground into different areas, offers the viewer and the participants a dynamic and attractive place and will definitely motivate children to play and interact, to get to know more, to create and to have fun at the same time.