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    The first of a series of fake ads I am creating to demonstrate my copywriting, and to a much more embarrassing lesser extent, art direction. All … Read More
    The first of a series of fake ads I am creating to demonstrate my copywriting, and to a much more embarrassing lesser extent, art direction. All ads in the series are 100% mine, and are not plagiarized from any other source. I recognize that my ideas may have already been done, but if so, then I've had no exposure to them, and was in no way influenced by them. Through the series I'm not trying to re-invent the wheel, simply demonstrate what I can come up with in an hour or so. Read Less
The Super Bowl Budwiser beer spot featuring 3 frogs, and later 2 lizards, were famous for not even showing the product being advertised. The ads said nothing about the product, to the point if you didn’t know what Budwiser was, you wouldn’t have known what the ad was selling.

The idea behind the ad was to brand its customers. It was humor people could relate to,making consumers say, I am part of a group that gets that humor; ergo, those consumers became part of the Budwiser brand.

Beer is particular tricky to sell as there’s only so many ways to say refreshing, clean, crisp, or any other qualifier that defines a beer. The more successful ads have played on nationality, and peoples’ sense of identity. Sex, of course always sells and seems to dovetail with the act of drinking. Thus, beer ads often promote a fantasy. However, great ads speak to a truth about a product.

So here’s the truth in my ad. At a bar, watching the game, hanging out with friends.Members of the opposite sex inevitably look around the room, and spy someone attractive. Most of the time,visual consumption is as far as it ever goes, but you always leave wondering‘what if?’ This feeling is shared by both genders.

So, the tag line, “As the Great One says, 'You miss 100% of the shots you never take.’” plays on a few themes:

. Enjoying the game over a beer
. Connecting a brand to the brand of a team (this can be further enhanced by having games of local teams being played on the screens in the ad. Often fans will identify their team by colors alone)
.Connecting a brand, and the act of meeting the opposite sex to the idol of a particular sport. In this case Wayne Gretzkey and hockey.
. Sex sells and having a muscular forearm in the foreground,with the focus on attractive girls in the background, this base is covered. The girls should be by no means a fantasy, simply attractive and worth starting a conversation with.
. Taking a shot. Most men are afraid to talk to women, especially at bars. Vise versa, most women despise men trying to pick them up at a bar. However, the tagline speaks to a truth about dating. If you never try, you’ll never succeed.
. Seeing this ad on the street makes consumers want to grab a beer at a bar and muster up the courage to go talk to the opposite sex.

Just as an aside, the ad works in theoretical terms as both sexes are being hailed in the ad. Women are being asked to purchase the same beer as men in the bar to establish a connection, where as men are being hailed to be the guy drinking the featured beer, about to take his shot. I am not a woman, but I it has been true in my experiences that talking to women at a bar is not unlooked for.

See below for specific points of the ad.