CPH:DOX*, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, is the third biggest documentary film festival in the world. 
Each year, the festival fills Copenhagen’s cinemas with a selection of more than 200 films from around the world. 
The 2015 visual identity of CPH:DOX* is an attempt to approach the anthropocene epoch. This epoch defines the human impact on the Earth and it is often portrayed in a tragic way. 
As a contrast, the will to explore a slightly absurd and abstract perspective in order to create a more positive visualization of this era. 
The fresh colour palette provides the posters with an optimistic expression and the absurdity is established through the conflicting relation between human and nature.
The work includes the design of different materials, printed and digital, such as posters, catalogues, brochures, tickets, banners, roll ups, bags, key hangers, t-shirts, web pages, web banners, materials for social media platforms, newsletters.