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    Some illustrations, that i make every month for "Top Gear" magazine (russian edition).
Illustrations for "Top Gear Magazine Russian Edition"
Future of F1
Bentley Mulsanne premium yacht
Lexus LF-A Superboat
Ferrari 458 Italia Powerboat
Maserati GranCabrio boat
Death Race Car
Drift Cars
Koenigsegg Agera Dr. evil Submarine
Off-Road Race Car
Roof-Racing Car
Street-Race Car
BMW X666 spaceship for exploring Black Hole
Rolls-Royce Phantom Premium Class Cruise Spaceship
Citroen DS5 Cruise-Carrying spaceship with DS3 ships on board
Harley V-Rod SpaceBike
Custom cover
2050 Japanese emperor cruising palace
black edition
transformation mode 1
transformation mode 2
Magazine page
Concept vehicle for Oktober issue of Top Gear magazine russian edition. This is a mobile Vatican Palace for Papa Roma 2080.
Herr Porsche
Porsche RSR 918 Transformer for "Top Gear" mag russian edition, issue 103, April 2014
magazine page samples