Baltica / Carlsberg 

Monetka (Moscow) - chain of grocery stores

Create "premium" associations for beer category at store. 
Due to the restrictions in advertising of beer production on tv and media, there is a  need to involve innovative solutions to the merchandise beer brand in store.

Search for "natural", positive assotiations and use in decor:
Natural textures, colors and tints (wooden texture, chalk boards, linen cloth),
Appeal to German, Belgian and Chezh traditions of brewing, beer festivals (Octoberfests), local breweries and bars decor,
Technological, safe and innovative process of beer brewing.

Variant #1
Inspired by the Bavarian houses, beer festivals, natural materials (canvas, kraft paper, wood), grass, dried flowers. Boards and boxes give a link to the loft-style interior. Young and moders. Combination of wood and greenish plexiglas creates association with the spreading branches of trees.
Simple colors don't distract buyer, at the same time immerse in a comfortable environment (wooden beams like decoration of Bavarian houses). 
Navigation elements constructed based on color coding.
Moodboard #1
Sketch #1
Variant #2 

Inspired by the classic beer bar where decoration is made of wood, the beer is poured from barrels and bottles. There you can talk about the origin of each variety of beer and have a good time at the beer festival.
On black chalkboard there are some instructive history of the origin and preparation of beers, contains the price.
Bavarian, Belgian, Czech beer festivals are accompanied with flags and pointers to traditional patterns. They are also used in the design of the navigation elements of the stack.
Wood and textile textures are a key tool in the design of the rack. Some elements allow disguise unsightly part of the "warehouse", while others give birth to a pleasant association in the minds of buyers.
Navigation elements are tailored to the color coding: beer shades (brown, wheat) and associations of colors (pink, blue, green).
Moodboard #2
Sketch #2 
Conceptual design solution for beer category / Baltica

Conceptual design solution for beer category / Baltica

Conceptual design solutions for decoration of beer category in grocery stores Monetka in Moscow for Baltica / Calrsberg group. Creation of "premi Read More
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