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    RISD 2015 Design Studio 3, with Jacek Mrowczyk
“Better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one” is a folk saying among Cantonese people. Drinking tea is a activity that infused in the lives of Cantonese people. Based on both traditional superstition and scientific evidences, a set of theory about qualities and effects of teas has been set up for hundreds of years. Accordingly, a system of what tea should be drunk at certain time was also formed.
This project presents the most popular five teas among Cantonese people, which are Puer, Iron Godress of Mercy, Golden Beautiful Eyebrow, Dragon Well, and White Hair Silver Needle, and discusses the consuetudinary TIME for drinking, in the aspect of both the time in a day and the time in a year, as well as the reason behind it by branding and packaging. 
According to how Chinese people categorized everything in the world in to Yin and Yang and five elements, the internal quality of things can be also decided into warmth and cool, so does Cantonese Tea. In order to show the internal qualities and the effect of these qualities, a set of icons are applied in every facet of the packaging.

The background image of each tea packaging are based on the most proper time in a day to drink the tea as well as the best season, providing a direct visual information of different tea. 
The tea cake is placed inside the triangular packaging, and the traditional way of wrapping the tea cake is kept in this design.
product catalogue book
The Product book, just like the packaging, is very flexible and sculptural. It can be read from different directions. Inside the book, the traditional Cantonese tea culture is introduced, and the detailed information of each kind of tea is provided. 
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