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The client —
White Leaf is a new, innovative Greek brand offering a complete range of toilet tissue and tissue paper products that covers all business or household paper needs.
The name White Leaf carries rich semantic references. In Greek, the word “leaf” is also used for “sheet (of paper)”. A phrase commonly used in Greek is “Ένα φύλλο χαρτί” (A sheet [leaf] of paper. The word “leaf” by default refers to nature and the raw material that the product is made of, while the word “white” stands for purity and health.

The creative concept —
We designed this new brand from scratch, delivering the identity, packaging and all the communication material. We introduced the paper products as professional equipment, differentiated from the common visual decorations of competitors, who tend to use cute animals, etc. The packaging highlights the technical features and information of the product in a bold and direct way, revealing the substance of the product to consumers. The white background and clearly structured typography compose an aesthetically consistent identity, which reflects an overall feeling of softness, cleanliness, trust and quality.

The products initially targeted the B2B market, but during the launch of the brand they were also placed in large consumer retailers. The idea for the packaging was inspired by the initial professional context of the products.

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Client: Eurosyst S.A.
Brand name design associate: Kostas Vlachakis
Photographer: Konstantinos Gikas
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Awards —
The Dieline awards - Outstanding achievement, Personal care packaging, 2016

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