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    Trailer for short film 'Cathexis'

Cathexis is devided in to four sections/chapters:

QUALIA: Form, space, physics and metamorphosis.

AMYGDALA: the limbic system; neurosis, psychosis, phobias.

LABRIDAE: Gender, animus/anima-complex, hermaphroditism.

MANDALA: creativity, interaction, transcendence.

blog with working process, inspirations, magazine article and updates.

Software and equipment used:
Autodesk 3D studio 2012 with Vray 2.0 render, afterburn, dreamscape and multiscatter
Syntheyes 2011
Realflow 5
After Effects CS5 with keylight 1.2, key correct, magic bullet, twixtor and RSMB
Premiere CS5

Canon 600D
Sigma 8-16 mm(at 8mm)
Merlin steadicam

12x6 meter Chroma Key muslin screen
Filmed at the terrace at Biwako Hall. Shiga, Japan

production, directing, CGI and post production by Stefan Larsson

Full movie is 20 minutes and will eventually be available online later this year.
Original format is HD 1080p