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    Rooma, a new and innovative solution which creates an incredible user experience.
Melia hotel project -  Guidance with TL3 Barcelona
The goal consisted in making Melia a technological reference.  
For that we developed "RoomÀ" a new and innovative solution which creates an incredible user experience. 
Nowadays, it is more important than ever build a strong hotel experience. An hotel has a big competition with new business models as airbnb, so we have to reinforce the positive points and make stronger the weaker ones.
Simple - No more lobby. Make a book, all the info goes directly to your phone (Room number, key, map, info)
Technological - Motion detection where you are looking at and the oled screen will display what you want (tv, music, suggestions...). 2 oled screen (wall and roof) Voice and phone control.  
Comfort -  Open your eyes. Good morning. Don´t get up yet. Ask about the weather, get info about a nice hiking route, play your favourite spotify playlist. Cool. Feet on the ground. Have an amazing day.