Military Powered Exoskeleton
Kratos, Greek for 'Strength', is an advanced human augmentation suit, otherwise known as a powered exoskeleton.
The Kratos M1 is specifically designed for the military in both combat and logistic roles and increases a wearers strength, speed and endurance beyond the capabilities of any man or woman.

The powered exoskeleton utilises several key technologies to create unparalleled performance within any field and is indeed not exclusive to the military.
The abilities of an exoskeleton extend into many fields, including emergency services , construction, law enforcement, healthcare and manufacturing.

The Kratos M1 has been designed to lift and carry 200kgs for extended periods of time or at speed.
This remarkable feat is achieve through the suits unique synergy drive system that utilises high pressure hydraulic actuators and electric servos to load share force and speed.
Sensors throughout the suit detect slight variations in pressure and neurological impulses from the wearer’s muscles to accurately and effortlessly move the suit, making the wearers' movements completely natural and seamless.

The Kratos is made from a special selection of bonded composite materials and structures as complex and specialised as a modern stealth jet fighter.
The suit utilises military spec G5 aerospace grade titanium alloy bonded with carbon fibre reinforced polymer Kevlar composite.
The reason for such a high tech material, is for the extreme strength, durability and lightness such a suit must provide for the combat arena and for the unquestionable protection of the soldier.

Designed to fit a person between 155cm-195cm, the Kratos M1 is powered through a Hybrid Power Unit that enables the suit to run for 5 straight days at maximum capacity, through the combination of a miniaturised shock wave disk generator, thermoelectric convertor and nanodensity battery pack.