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    Design for an International Conference on Design and Olympics.
Design, Olympics and Harmony -  International Conference
Harmony stands for prosperity, peaceful coexistence and long-term development. As a common goal, the harmony between international community and cultural diversity has evolved into a shared vision of Olympic culture, making peace, friendship, equality, respect, and understanding go beyond the sports and competition and thus making us live in harmony. The harmonious space for Olympic Games cannot be created without design, whose ultimate goal is to realize harmony and perfection. What's more, as a colorful context of poetic living, design is one of the paths to a harmonious world, and to the harmony between people and the environment. Therefore, harmony among people, between people and society, and between people and nature, highly regarded in traditional Chinese culture, not only contributes to Olympic Games and design, but also theoretically inspires the resolution of various problems of nature, society, and modern people. Following the rapid footsteps of 2008 Beijing Olympics, participants from Cumulus member institutions will gather in July in Lisbon, Portugal to discuss relevant issues concerning design, Olympics and harmony, aiming at reconsidering the development of design education in the context of harmony and Olympics.
Inspired by portuguese pavement, a common sight in Lisbon.
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