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Passport to Creativity
Adobe gave six students the chance to venture out into the world’s most protected places, and use the world’s most advanced creative tools to bring the beauty of what’s possible back. Using Adobe Creative Cloud, students captured and interpreted the sights, sounds and sensations of these places. Each student’s creative output was showcased through an immersive, multimedia installation that recreated their expression of the protected landscape in an urban environment. 
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Adobe worked with Passion Passport to give students unprecedented access to three of the world’s most remarkable protected landscapes. Chosen for their diverse ecosystem and conservation focus, these destinations provided fertile ground for creative expression.
The World’s Next Protected Area // Patagonia, Chile
Stretching from the fjords along the Pacific coast to the glacier-fed rivers of the Atlantic coast, this geographic wonderland is lobbying to be the region’s next national park. This status will be vital to help protect the native pumas, long-necked guanacos, Huemul deer, Andean condors and more.
Africa’s Most Diverse Ecosystem // Greater Mara Ecosystem, Kenya
Encompassing the grasslands and riverlets of southwest Kenya, this area is globally famous for its protected population of wildlife – including lions, leopards, African elephants, African buffalos, and black rhinos.
The Cleanest Place on Earth // Lord Howe Island, Australia
Located in the world’s southernmost barrier reef, this island is free of litter, air and sea pollution, and home to large numbers of rare and endemic species.
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Passport To Creativity: Patagonia
Andrew Ling
Andrew Ling is an experienced explorer and photographer attending the University of Washington. The time he’s spent in the Pacific Northwest has left an impression on Andrew, which is evident in the photographs he takes. Whether it's portraits of his companions or pulse-provoking images of fellow explorers on mountain tops, Andrew's love of Earth and its natural environments is apparent in his emotive and vivid photos. Adobe sent Andrew to the ecological wonderland of Patagonia, encouraging him to use his creativity to bring more awareness to conservation efforts.
Zenzele Ojore
Zenzele Ojore is a multi-talented video and animation student, who has a true talent for compiling double-exposed images into captivating GIFs. She currently attends the esteemed Rhode Island School of Design, where she’s honing her unique take on design and film. When she arrived in Patagonia, Zenzele immediately began to capture the expansive natural landscapes and beautiful scenery around her – and she’s finding the Adobe mobile apps are the perfect tools to fuel her creative process. 
Passport To Creativity: Kenya
Rachelle Tan
Rachelle Tan is only a first year graphic design student, but her work reflects the style and experience of a seasoned professional through all her mediums - from design and illustration to photography and video. Studying at Central Saint Martins College has given Rachelle access to one of the most diverse cities in the world, where she’s able to explore the sights, sounds and food of London. An avid traveler, she’s always searching for her next adventure with a camera and sketchbook by her side. See what she created when she let her imagination run wild with the endangered wildlife on the Greater Mara Ecosystem in Kenya - especially when working with the Mara Cheetah Project, an organization dedicated to studying and protecting this endangered species. 
Lidia Gulyas
Lidia Gulyas is a design-minded photographer with a particular interest in hand-drawn typography. While she’s a student at Glasgow Caledonian University, Lidia has been spending her time studying, adventuring and soaking up the sun in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia at RMIT University on a semester abroad. Lidia’s untamable wanderlust, eye for composition and drive to explore new avenues of creativity made her a perfect choice to journey into Kenya, where she used her creative skills - and the help of the Mara Cheetah Project - to tell the story of the Greater Mara Ecosystem’s endangered wildlife population.
Passport To Creativity: Lord Howe Island
Amelia Le Brun
Amelia Le Brun is a photographer from Germany attending University of the Arts London whose focus is on capturing landscapes in both digital and film. Before she was 18, Amelia had the chance to travel the world - from the deserts of Kuwait to the tropical wonderland of Jamaica. After seeing her photos, it’s apparent how those experiences have cultivated a deeply personal relationship between her and the environment. Adobe sent Amelia to the pristine Lord Howe Island in Australia to capture the elusive beauty of this untouched location.
Hugo Germain
Hugo Germain isn’t your traditional creative student. After spending some time pursuing an engineering degree at CentraleSupélec School in France, Hugo found himself drawn to digital art. Using his engineering background as inspiration, Hugo creates a myriad of creative projects that transform reality – combining digital and physical worlds. Adobe sent him to Lord Howe Island, Australia to use his signature style of digital realism to recreate the exotic life within this untouched environment.
Passport to Creativity

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Passport to Creativity

Passport to Creativity: Turn a life-changing trip into a world-changing installation.

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