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    Logotype for Ceremony Agency, design studio that makes beautiful and functional presentations.
Just imagine, that your client is a designer. And he perfectly knows, what he wants. Quite a challenge, isn’t it? Ceremony Agency do all kind of presentations for all kind of clients. It’s a team of young, creative and ambitious people. They already had a logo, but it was made from an existing typeface. And the time came for them to realise, that they want something of their own. Ceremony wanted to change to skeleton of the letters, but to keep golden colour and emboss effect. A source of inspiration were posters for latest James Bond movies :-) So I started drawing. Pencil, markers and Tipp-Ex.
Then digitising in Robofont. A lot of corrections. Darker-lighter-wider-narrower, etc, etc.
Till finally we got the desired shape. Ceremony people loved the result so much, that they even got corporate loafers with a 'C' embroidery. Probably, the craziest place I’ve seen my work so far :-)