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Montessori kids club / Concept and interior design

Montessori kids club "Ginger house".
Make kids-friendly Montessori environment (from 1 to 3 years old). Calm colors, comfortable environement, where kids explore Montessori principles and behave as adults. Small space of 50 sq.meters should be divided in several zones. Zone 1 - is entrance space, where parents are waiting for their kids.

White, light yellow and mint - are main colors of the environment.
In this space there is a real house fasade with real windows (height of only 50 cm, so that kids could use), with real door for adults and real door for kids (which is made inside parental door). On the other side there is beautiful wooden tree. In Zone 1 parents could wait for their kids, not interrupting them, reading some very usefull books, prepared by the Montessori club hosts.
From the other side - fasade of the house - is huge multifunctional shelf with many racks.
Zone 2 - is active zone, zone 3 - task zone, zone 4 - reading, zone 5 - real kitchen.

All the space was created from the scratch, in deep collaboration with wonderful owners of the space.
Montessori kids club / Concept and interior design

Montessori kids club / Concept and interior design

Interior design, concept, repair and object design for Montessori kids club "Ginger house"