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    Redesign of existing library app called Overdrive
Overdrive is a library app that allows readers to subscribe to their local library's digital collections. All you need is a valid library card to get started.
App in its current state:
1. Design and navigation not optimized for tablet or mobile view. Very text-heavy which makes it hard to tap, and several different ways of navigating (bottom bar, two different burger icons for instance) create confusion. 
2. Based off of surveys and user interviews, readers have very vast and diverse ways of finding new books but this app does not account for those methods. Difficult to browse by genre, no recommendation engine, many books that show up in search results are already on hold.
3. App is generally not personal enough. No way to customize views or find your personal reading history. Either these features are not existant or are buried somewhere in the navigation. 
My interviews and surveys spanned a wide range of ages, education and income levels. They helped inform the personas below:
User flow to describe the whole book borrowing process. Readers typically start from three choices: Either they know what they want, they don't know what they want, or they are already reading something and would like to pick up where they left off. 
It's common for users to get caught in a loop of searching/browsing if they are unable to find books that they like. The more often this happens, the more risk of abandonment.
Initial card sort to identify important content types. Cards under "search bar" were prioritized based on findings from interviews and surveys
First stab at a sitemap that really looked more like a content map
Final Sitemap
Initial sketches. Last image shows sketches of important icons and elements of content
Wireframes of the final product. Features:
1. One sidebar solves all navigation. In order: Back, Home, Search, My List (holds, reading history, etc), Friends (their books), Settings
2. Home screen is customizable in settings and also during onboarding -- choose what genres or types of books you want to see. Top Picks include app-featured books, what friends are reading, results of recommendation engines. 
3. Minimal design focusing on book covers and images
These designs could help shorten the time it takes to borrow a new book, increase reader engagement and return frequency, and allow readers to trust suggested titles.