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    Logo for Moslenta. Website with latest lifestyle news about Moscow (Russia).
I think, it happened to all of us. This one day you get “I NEED A LOGO NOW! URGENT!!!” letter. You know it takes time… But come on, the client is awesome, the project is interesting, so… Why not? Sure! One week? Deal :-) Let the race begin! Oh yes, you also have your Master degree and lessons every day. Okay, okay, who needs sleep, right?
So the brief was the following. Logo for a website about Moscow (Russia). News, advice with paperwork, new interesting places, etc. But content is not only for young trendy people. It’s for everyone. It’s about Moscow, which is very different. The name is Moslenta. “Mos” from Moscow and “Lenta” means both a ribbon and news. The main goal is to make logo somehow connected to Moscow. Spirit, details, whatever. So I started with three sketches. Drawing by hand = thinking with hand, as they taught us in Type and Media, KABK.
The last group of sketches was selected. Which I was very happy about, as they were my favourite :-) Tried different inline versions. Playing with black&white is always the most exciting.
9 days from the first letter, till we finished everything! Very happy about the result. So yes, I guess, the most important lesson for me was that the time is not the limit. If you have a very clear brief and a very good client, who knows, what he wants and can make decisions quickly, then it’s all that you need to make a good job. And many cups of coffee and strong tea, of course :-)