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    Employee incentive program for veterinarians.
Merial is an animal pharmaceutical company. Their channel incentive program includes veterinary technicians, who are rewards for loyalty and sales of HeartGard and Frontline products for dogs and cats. The tast is to create a new branding for the veterinary technicians to inform and engage them in products, education, coupon programs, seasonal alerts, etc. The personality of the vet tech is a dichotomy between a clinical professional and a ‘soft-touch’ for the love of animals.

This campaign is intended to achieve that balance of soliciting emotion from the visuals of dogs & cats. At the same time, much of the photography is from the veterinary clinic and signifies an uderstanding of the importance of clinical care for pets. The campaign is robust. The suggestion offered to the client was to incorporate these graphics into the clinic itself, for further pet owner animal health awareness.