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    New coffee machine with a disruptive design that adapt to several environments, from home to office.
Polifemo is a coffee machine, simple and powerful at the same time. The shape is rounded and the parts drawing well defined. The high tech solutions merge with mechanical analog so clear and obvious, that the maintenance and use of the machine immediately become pleasant.
The unit consists of a head containing the mechanisms for the preparation of the capsules (tray, ejection, Beverage dispensing group, etc). The front "eye" is the large round power button.
On the top, the water tank is leaning around the cylindrical part of the control panel; the drawer for exhausted pods can turn around the foot of the unit to allow making beverages in big or small cup.
It's very compact, very clear and simple to use.
The coffee machines are generally for the preparation of hot drinks and only The front face is usable and the other sides are not equally cared for appearance.
Coffee Square instead, it is designed to become a central point: a machine that we can look and appreciate from all sides, and which can be positioned more freely on the floor. The symmetrical construction and the solutions adopted, make Coffee Square an original and highly innovative equipment, suitable not only for the top of the cabinets in the kitchen like other appliances (toaster, microwave, etc), but can migrate to other parts of the house with the same freedom of a table lamp; it's just enough to have an electrical outlet nearby.
Coffee square consists of a square base, a stem and an upper part. Just like a lampshade, once turn the machine on, a slight light illuminates the floor below, highlighting shapes and inviting the use of the device. During the preparation of the drink, the illumination increases, emphasizing the time of preparation, and then fall back again to the intensity of standby.
The base contains the tray for disposal of the used capsule and for the collection of excess fluid. The panel is interchangeable, is placed in its position. The panel is still a perfectly smooth plate that allows maximum hygiene and easy cleaning.
The foot is hollow, inside is obtained the transition of the electrical wiring and the space for the fall of used capsules in the storage located in the bottom drawer; on the front, a rack mechanism allows the automatic handling of the tray for cups and mugs.

Above the head of the unit, is resting a tray, another real innovation of coffee square that in addition to "counter service" offers the possibility of "table service", allowing you to lead and serve the drink freshly prepared in other places.
The Coffee Square is designed for sharing: everyone can gather around the machine as around the fire and no longer in a line waiting for their turn.